Register at St. Mary’s University

Before You Begin

There are a couple of things you should know before you start choosing your courses.

  • The latest scheduling information may be accessed at
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their courses for the semester have no scheduling conflicts, and that the courses they choose are applicable to their program of study.
  • All courses have a lecture. If a course also has a lab, a tutorial, or both, you must register separately for each of the two or three parts of the course.


  • LECT and LECF are Lectures
  • LAB is a laboratory
  • TUT is a tutorial
  • PRAC is a practicum
  • Three credit courses are one semester long
  • MUSI 205, 305, 405 and PSYC 500 are two semesters long
  • Sections of courses with multiple rooms, multiple instructors, or split schedules will have a line in this document for each one. However, you register for a lecture, lab or tutorial only once.

To see course status, go to and click on my.StMU

Useful links to help you plan your registration:

Course Descriptions
St. Mary’s Degree Programs

Remember, we are always here to help you along the way. Call (403) 531-9130 for an appointment with an advisor at any time during your St. Mary’s experience.

Students on campus

Register Online

If you have applied to St. Mary’s University and have received your admission, you can register in courses online by clicking here to log into your self-service account. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail advising@​stmu.​ca.​ If you’d like to schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor for assistance with course selection and registration, please use our online Booking System to select an available date and time that works for you!