We are biology students working under the supervision of the professor Dr. Mary Ann McLean to develop a medicine garden in the heart of St. Mary’s University campus. We are very enthusiastic for this project and look forward to share with the community our progress but first let us introduce to the members of this amazing project:

Kessa Stuckert

Hi, I’m Kessa Stuckert. I am entering into my fourth year of my biology degree and look forward to pursuing a career focused in conservation and sustainability. I was initially attracted to this project for the opportunity to develop my botany skills as well as learn about native plant species. For this project, I have worked on gathering information on native plant species, as well as their native medicine and edible uses. Outside of school, I like to spend my time outdoors, either in my own garden or in the mountains, as well as continue to learn new things.

Joslynn Colp

Hello everyone, my name is Joslynn. I am entering my 5th year in the bachelor of Biology program this fall. I originally took this class wanting to enter something medical. But then, through tutoring students, I found my passion for teaching! I was very excited and interested to be a part of this program because I felt botany was one of the subjects I explored least through my university degree. I also loved the idea of building something that would stay at the school for years to come. My part of this project has included researching the different plants that are native to Alberta. Understanding all of their requirements to have a successful planting. Measuring and panning the garden design, as well reaching out to nurseries for donation opportunities. When I’m not at university, I work at a daycare teaching, and as a hobby, I love to photograph nature.

Lauren Poelzer

Hi! My name is Lauren Poelzer, I am currently going into my 4th year of a biology degree here at St. Mary’s. After I graduate I am looking to start my own business, where I use the knowledge and skills I have attained from St. Mary’s in order to grow and sell exotic plants. I was immediately attracted to this project as last summer I grew an entirely medicine garden in my green house. Growing and caring for plants has been a passion of mine since I was very young, and I am so excited to watch these plants grow and flourish. When I’m not at school or at work I am either gardening or taking photography.

Perla Garcia Mendoza

Hello, its my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Perla Garcia Mendoza. I am about to enroll in my fourth year of my biology degree this coming fall. I am looking forward to become an horticulturist and for this reason I was very excited to participate in this project because this is a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in the field. Since I have always been fascinated by plants’ therapeutic benefits this project will allow me to learn about Canadian Western herbal medicine and culture. My role in this project is to find different strategies to build community connections as well a sharing the information gathered for this project. Outside of school, I enjoy taking care of my plants, going hiking and painting plants.

Dr. Mary Ann McLean- STMU Faculty Member/Supervisor

This garden is a wonderful opportunity for me to incorporate my lifelong gardening obsession with ideas from a variety of my courses (especially ecology & conservation). It evolved out of conversations with colleagues and students about sustainability, reconciliation & restoration. Not only reconciling with other Treaty 7 people but restoring some of the prairie plants which originally grew here. This garden will feature native plants used by local Indigenous people. Located around the flagpole in the heart of the campus it will provide beautiful place to relax as well as an educational opportunity for the St Mary’s community.

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