Valentine Cup Ball Hockey

Valentine Cup

Ball Hockey Tournament

Come and play for your team!

Monday October 17, 2016 – The annual Valentine Cup is close at hand, but the battle brews all year round for the staff, faculty and students as they prepare for the ball hockey game. The game consists of two teams, staff & faculty versus the students & alumni of St. Mary’s University. A year’s worth of preparation comes to head on the Valentine Courts, which were donated by the Valentine Family.

For two consecutive years, the students (and alumni) held on to the championship title. Last year staff and faculty swore that they would finally win the Valentine Cup for themselves. The student’s heard this challenge and laughed it off knowing that they had youth and spirit in their back pockets. Staff & faculty proved them wrong by ending the game at 5 to 1. The staff and faculty, who had rigourously practiced in the weeks before the game, showed their strengths and came back with a vengeance.

This year we have no idea what to expect. Will staff & faculty remain undefeated? Or will the students and alumni take back the title? As the anticipation grows, so does the ambition. We are seeing more and more players taking to the courts and practising their new game plan in an effort to take the win at the 2016 Valentine Cup!

The Valentines, who are great supporters and friends of St. Mary’s, present the prize trophey to the winning team after enjoying the battle!

If you want to participate or have questions contact, otherwise drop by on the 17th and play for your team!