Bachelor of Education – Secondary

2 Year Degree

The Bachelor of Education Secondary Program is a two-year, 60-credit after-degree program and includes 26 weeks of practicum. The Secondary route is a specialized program that prepares graduates with the essential skills, knowledge, and attributes to teach grades 7-12. Graduates of our program are described by our school district partners as mature, confident and hardworking individuals who are committed to helping their students succeed. In addition to the strong knowledge skills and attributes expected of teachers, the program provides opportunities to understand the philosophy, spirituality and profession of teaching in Catholic and non-Catholic settings.

Upon completing the program, students will earn a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) and will be recommended for teacher certification in Alberta.

Students hone their leadership skills by participating in field placements, community engagement activities, experiential learning, training opportunities and case studies.

  • Communication: work cooperatively with others; understand group dynamics; presenting information in an effective manner; write clearly; negotiate with others; and mediate conflict
  • Instructing: present lessons in a comprehensive manner; provide one-to-one help; explain concepts clearly; assess proficiencies and recommend alternative strategies for learning
  • Analytical thinking: link specific issues to broad concepts; identify key issues in decision-making or problem solving; weight alternatives and identify solutions; formulate questions relevant to clarifying a particular problem, topic, or issue; and research topics and present findings to groups
  • Mentoring & organization: supervise students in class to prevent poor behaviour and encourage learning; organize materials during class planning; and manage time effectively
Aside from a teacher, there are many career pathways you can follow with a Bachelor of Education such as:

  • Education Administration (ex: Principal, Superintendent, School District Administrator)
  • Curriculum Design
  • Student Counseling (ex: School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, Career Counselor)
  • Recreation and Student Life (ex: After School Program Director, Youth Organization Director)
  • Education Policy and Research
  • Writing/Publishing
  • Adult Education and Mentoring
  • Teaching in Alternative Settings (ex: Corporate Trainer, Museum Educator)
The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree program is a 60-credit, two-year after-degree of academic study and practicum.

First Year Courses

  • EDCM 301: Introduction to Curricular Design
  • EDFN 313: Teaching for Diversity and the Common Good
  • EDFN 311: Student Engagement
  • EDPH 321: Philosophy of Catholic Education
  • EDPR 331: Practicum I: Observation
  • EDCM 357: Disciplinary Methods of Teaching I
  • EDFN 329: Indigenous Education
  • EDCM 365: The Adolescent Learner
  • EDPH 327: History and Philosophical Bases of Faith-Based Education
  • EDPR 337: Practicum II: Orientation

Second Year Courses

  • EDCM 457: Disciplinary Methods of Teaching Part II
  • EDCM 409: Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning
  • EDCM 461: New Literacies
  • EDPR 431: Practicum III: Intermediate
  • EDCM 411: The Education Profession in the Province of Alberta
  • EDFN 417: Inclusive Education: Meeting the Needs of All Learners
  • EDPH 429: Spirituality of the Catholic Educator
  • EDPR 437: Practicum IV: Advanced

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