Degree Program - General Studies

Degree Program - General Studies

The three-year Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in General Studies is a flexible interdisciplinary track for students who wish to explore a number of subjects to determine their future professional and educational goals. By studying everything from Mathematics to English to foreign languages, students can gain a solid foundation preparing them for a number of career pathways.

One of the biggest benefits of a general studies program is the personalized approach that fits with the needs and goals of the student. Many students approach post-secondary with multiple interests; unsure of which major to focus on. A general studies program combines what a student wants with what a student needs to study. Because many students initially struggle with knowing what they want to focus on or where their talents lie, a general studies program can help them explore a variety of disciplines and gain the breadth of knowledge that they seek.

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Skills You'll Gain

Graduates from the Degree Program General Studies program will develop strong skills in the following aspects:


Effective oral and written communication.


Problem-solving and pattern intelligence skills.

Ability to learn and synthesize new ideas

Grasping new concepts and integrating them into existing knowledge.


Experience in quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Critical and reflective reading

Ability to analyze texts thoughtfully and discern underlying meanings.


Effective research and evaluation of primary and secondary sources.


Organization and time-managements skills


Ability to adapt easily to situations.

Ethical decision-making

Learn to navigate complex ethical dilemmas, making decisions that are morally sound and align with societal and professional standards.


Understand how to collaborate effectively with others towards a common goal.

Foreign language skills and cross-cultural knowledge

Communicate and interact effectively in multicultural settings promoting mutual understanding and collaboration across global contexts.

Career Pathways

A general studies degree can be helpful in a wide range of industries because the coursework encourages students to think broadly. Interdisciplinary degrees integrate a variety of fields and different ways of thinking, which broadens your perspective and ability to think outside the box. Careers relating to management, administration, the arts, human resources and communications are all great fits for general studies graduates.

Beside is a sample of jobs that may be relevant to this degree. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and some occupations require further education and experience.

Public Relations Director

Brand Manager

Technical Writer

Social Worker

Software Consultant


General Manager

Risk Management Specialist

Nonprofit Program Manager

Administrative or Executive Assistant

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Admission Requirements

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