Student Legislative Council

What is the SLC?

The Student Legislative Council (SLC) is the elected representative group of the St. Mary’s Student Association. The SLC is in charge of engaging the student body in fun and informative ways throughout the year. The parties, clubs and information seminars directed at students are held through the SLC. At the end of the winter term, we hold an election for the five executive positions as well as three to ten student representative positions. The SLC is composed of a President, Vice Presidents: Internal, External, Finance and Events, and Student Reps. Our Student Association consists of all StMU’s students on campus. We thank all of you for your help in volunteering, creating and maintaining active clubs. The ongoing support you show StMU’s students every day is indicative of the excellence and compassion that make up StMU’s core values.


The President is the chief elected official of the SLC who is at the head of the organization, making sure that the SLC runs smoothly and efficiently. As a representative of the SLC and St. Mary’s student population, the President sits on St. Mary’s Board of Governors. The President works closely with the Vice Presidents and Student Reps of the SLC to encourage great relationships between the SLC and the student body at St. Mary’s. The President of the SLC serves on the University’s Board of Governors and two representatives sit on the University’s Academic Council.

The VP Internal is responsible for communications between St. Mary’s Students, Faculty, Staff, and SLC. They also chair the Communications Committee, sit on the St. Mary’s University Academic Council, keep the agendas and minutes for the SLC, and manage the Student Association Buildings, Clubs, and forums.

The VP External is responsible for the external communications between St. Mary’s, SLC, and the greater community be it Calgary, Alberta, or Canada. They also develop an active St. Mary’s student voice in the community while working to create clear, interactive, and effective communications on and off campus.

The VP Finance is responsible for the budget and capital of the SLC. With the help of the other VPs, the VP Finance budgets for all of the events, club funding, and activities for the year. The VP Finance is also responsible for presenting the budget to the student body, staff, and faculty in order to maintain good standing with the St. Mary’s students and staff.

The VP Events is responsible for organizing and executing new and reoccurring events for students, staff, faculty, and community members. Working with the VP Internal and VP Finance to create a budget and advertising schedule, the VP Events is a cooperative position. The Events Committee is also chaired by the VP Events.

Student Representatives are elected positions. They work under the President and the Vice Presidents. They are required to be active members of the SLC by attending meetings, advertising events, and being hands on help during the year. The Student Representatives are on the Events Committee and the Communication Committee.

The Event Committee organizes and participates in the planning of events hosted by the SLC. This Committee is responsible for meeting regularly in order to maintain the ability to organize great events, parties, and galas. All Student Representatives are required to sit on the Events Committee.

The Communications Committee organizes and participates in the communication outlets between students, faculty, and the SLC. The Communications Committee drives the sense of community on campus by alerting students of activities on campus. Student Representatives can volunteer to be on the Communications Committee.

Contact the SLC

Reach out to a member of the Student Legislative Council with any questions.