Campus Life

We strive to be pioneers in the field of inclusive post-secondary education because everyone has the right to an education.

Everyone has the right to an education. St. Mary’s University prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education gives adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in an authentic University experience, from an intersectional perspective, over a 4–5-year period.

Students audit classes while our Educational Facilitators modify the related curriculum, in order to provide personalized learning relevant to the course material, following the course syllabus. Throughout this process, our Educational Facilitators also help to liaise with professors and faculty, assisting you in accessing every aspect of University life and supporting you through the summer months focusing on employment preparation skills. We embrace a flexible, collaborative, dynamic, diverse working environment.

Register Online

If you have applied to St. Mary’s University and have received your admission, you can register for courses online by clicking here to log into your self-service account. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail advising@​stmu.​ca.​ If you’d like to schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor for assistance with course selection and registration, please use our online Booking System to select an available date and time that works for you!

Reach out to schedule a tour or arrange to audit a class.