Degree Program - Liberal Studies

Degree Program - Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts 

St. Mary’s University’s Liberal Studies program is for those who want to explore it all – history, biology, literature, philosophy and more. Liberal Studies offers an alternative to traditional degrees in a single discipline. It draws its rich content from the humanities, arts and sciences and brings out their connections between different disciplines. 

With a Liberal Studies degree, you will sift through complex concepts to think of innovative ideas and ways of seeing the world. You will learn how to tackle contemporary issues with a concentration in one of the following:

  • Business and Management
  • Canadian Studies
  • Family Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • Drama
  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Biology
  • Science Studies
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Political Studies
  • Sociology

In the last year of the program, you will have the exciting opportunity to produce a creative and innovative project that will showcase the variety of skills you have learned and will be useful for future endeavours in academic or employment pursuits.

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Skills You'll Gain

Graduates from the Degree Program Liberal Studies program will develop strong skills in the following aspects:


Learn to formulate and defend positions, effectively explain concepts and strategies in research papers to influence the reader, use vocabulary to suit a wide audience and engage different opinions and viewpoints.


Research & editing

Understand how to utilize primary and secondary sources, sort information and generate new ideas and incorporate an author/critic’s idea in your own research paper.



Build your skills in analyzing complex texts; evaluating ideas and research, conducting literature reviews and identifying and practicing the conventions and research methods of literary studies.



Form your ability to reason logically, synthesize ideas, understand connections between various subjects and formulate questions to clarify a particular problem, topic or issue.

Career Pathways

The incredible flexibility of the Liberal Studies program means that your career prospects are limited only by your imagination and how you choose to develop your skills and knowledge. You can pursue a wide range of advanced degrees – such as law, education, and master’s degrees – or launch your career in government, education, finance, insurance, law, business and more.

Beside is a sample of jobs that find this degree valuable. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and some occupations require further education and experience.

Marketing Coordinator

Business Development Agent

Workforce Development

Tax Auditor

Junior Accountant

Career Advisor

Executive Assistant

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Admission Requirements

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