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The StMU CARES program is a non-disciplinary, person-centered way to connect students to support and resources and address barriers to academic success. Students can refer themselves or connect with support resources directly. Faculty, staff and Peer Mentors can also refer.

Students supported by the StMU CARES program are better positioned to improve their academic performance and wellbeing and thrive in their studies.

How it works

  1. Faculty, staff, or peer mentors fill out the online referral form or submit an email referral to
  2. StMU CARES Team will assess the needs noted in the referral.
  3. Depending on the urgency of the level of needs/support/resources required one of the following will occur:
    • Immediate appointment set up with the student to individually tailor resources and a success plan.
    • An appointment is set to discuss needs with the student and refer to appropriate internal/external supports.
    • Resources shared with students on the topic of need (online module, website, workbook etc.).
  4. A follow-up to ensure students have all the support they need to thrive in their StMU career.

If you have questions about the program, contact Kimberly Brocanier or Jolene Smith by email or phone 403.254.3722.

Faculty, staff, or peer mentors who are concerned about a student’s well-being, academic performance, and attendance are encouraged to take the following steps:

  1. If possible, talk to the student about your concerns and let them know that you plan to make a CARES referral.
  2. If you continue to feel the student needs additional support, make the CARES referral.
  3. Complete the CARES referral form.

Contact – StMU Cares Faculty

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