Careers at St. Mary’s University

Discover St. Mary’s University, where a remarkable journey awaits for those seeking a supportive and challenging work experience. Nestled amidst sprawling green landscapes and a rich historical backdrop, St. Mary’s University stands as an oasis of inspiration and growth.

We are passionate about building and sustaining an equitable and inclusive work environment for students, staff and faculty, where differences are celebrated and valued, aligning with our commitment to the principles of social justice, the belief in the dignity of all people, and our Catholic intellectual tradition. Our community includes students of various religions (including no religion), gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, ethnicities, abilities, life experiences, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.

At our institution, we prioritize the creation of a close-knit community where both our staff and students feel a genuine sense of belonging. Regardless of their religious affiliations and/or beliefs, we warmly welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and promote a culture of inclusivity and respect where they are embraced and valued. We encourage open dialogue to learn and understand different perspectives, and create safe spaces for meaningful interactions. To cultivate a vibrant community spirit, we actively motivate our staff to participate in a wide range of religious, Indigenous, EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion), academic, and social events. Moreover, we offer exceptional avenues for St. Mary’s University members to connect with the broader society through captivating initiatives such as public lectures, presentations, and opportunities to volunteer to help within the community.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where passion and purpose converge. St. Mary’s University prides itself on fostering a culture of excellence, empowering its employees to reach new heights of achievement. Here, you will find ample opportunities to expand your horizons. 

Join the incredible team at St. Mary’s University and embark on a career that transcends boundaries. Be part of a dynamic community driven by innovation, compassion, and a shared vision of making a difference. Discover why St. Mary’s is not just an amazing place to work, but a place where your professional aspirations can flourish, and your contributions can shape the future.

“I find that St. Mary’s University is an ideal place to work because of the people, and I truly enjoy engaging with our staff and faculty members, in addition to our wider community. Every day we advance the noble enterprise of supporting students and their learning, and I find the job to be fun, rewarding, and challenging. Our leaders are flexible and goal-oriented, as well as clear and effective in their communications, and I feel championed to thrive and encouraged to meet their high expectations”


“People’s unique strengths are recognized at St. Mary’s. It’s a nurturing environment where your
contributions mean something, and where you feel you’re making an impact. St. Mary’s knows the
importance of generosity, the gift of support, and the success of the community. I’ve happily worked here
for almost two decades and am thrilled I get to contribute to the welcoming space we build for all.”


“I am grateful for my experience as a St. Mary’s University employee. The university’s small size has
fostered a tightly knit and supportive community where I feel valued and recognized in my role. St.
Mary’s commitment to promoting professional development has empowered me to grow both personally and career-wise, and the meaningful relationships I’ve built with coworkers and leadership have been instrumental in my success and overall job satisfaction.”


“Working at St. Mary’s is unlike any previous experience I have had, as working here has provided me with
a place to grow in my capacity as an employee and as a human being. I have always felt more than just
an employee here, the investment in my professional career has been matched by the investment in my
well-being. I have been left humbled by the opportunities presented to me, often feeling unworthy but it
is the belief, support and encouragement of everyone, from leadership to fellow colleagues, that have
encouraged me and helped me truly thrive here — a lot of places say that their environment is like a
family, St. Mary’s truly embodies this sentiment. During my time here I have also been afforded the
opportunity to rediscover my faith roots and share this with a community of like-minded individuals,
creating a sense of wholeness and filling a personal void that I did not know was there and I am eternally
thankful for that. Knowing how important education is, I look forward to coming to work each day and
playing a small role in the lives of our students, to be able to help set the students up for success and
provide them with the best possible experience at St. Mary’s provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction
and is a truly wonderful feeling.”


“At StMU, you’re part of tight-knit community working together to support our students. Everyone here believes in the transformative power of higher education and its ability to quite literally change the lives of our students! It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the direct impact our work has. Going to convocation and seeing so many familiar faces cross the stage is an uplifting experience. I love working somewhere small enough to make lasting connections and big enough to be actively impacting our community.
I can spend my lunch break chatting with students and Beading, Bannock and Banter and after work I can stick around to learn about new subjects from leading academics at our public lectures. It’s a unique and immersive working environment where you get the opportunity to grow with our institution.”


“StMU is a great place to work because of the wonderful people! Faculty and staff care deeply about supporting students; students are inquisitive, enthusiastic learners with bright futures. There is a culture of collaboration in which we accomplish big things and celebrate our institutional culture and achievements. At StMU, we are proud of who we are and the experience we can provide for students, staff, faculty and the broader community.”


“I started at St. Mary’s in August 2015 after moving from Ontario to Alberta on my own for a ‘fresh start’. At the time I thought I would give Calgary and this St. Mary’s University recruitment position a year and see how it went, but wasn’t committed to staying in Alberta for more than a year. I was coming from 5+ years of working in non-profit social services and didn’t know what to expect from working in post-secondary, but figured that working in a recruitment position was a good way to get familiar with the Alberta PSI landscape, travel to and experience different parts of Alberta, and to build my public speaking skills. Here we are, 8 years and 3 positions later, and I am thrilled to still be at St. Mary’s. This institution has provided me with many professional development, growth and leadership opportunities. In my time, I’ve been able to experience many different areas of post-secondary administration like recruitment, advising, career services, enrolment management, and most recently I have jumped into curriculum and timetabling. Working at St. Mary’s has been a joy, largely due to the incredible community that we have and the support that I’ve received along my career journey. “


“I love that at St. Mary’s, faculty has a major role in all aspects of growing an institution – teaching of course, and also making decisions on priorities, developing policies, and everything else involved in a modern university.
I appreciate that at St. Mary’s, we’re not stuck in disciplinary silos. As a biologist, I get to chat with historians, psychologists, and all sorts of faculty with very different approaches and perspectives.
With the small classes in the biology program at St. Mary’s, I get to know students from just starting out to graduation and beyond. It’s great to see people developing professionally and personally over that period, and playing a small part in that.”

Gary Grothman

“In a small institution, it’s really rewarding to see how our work benefits students directly. We may be small, but the work we do has a big impact.”


“Working with the Education faculty feels like family. There is a feeling of respect for your skillset which promotes a strong sense of community in our department.”


“St. Mary’s University in Calgary is a wonderful place to work. Students are at the heart of this unique Liberal Arts and Sciences University. Staff and faculty truly care about their well-being. and there is a pervasive culture of caring and respect for one another. It is gratifying to work at a place that has such an impact on people’s lives. I am happy to be a part of this community, sharing in its success and working to help it grow.”

Heather Hadden

“St. Mary’s is a small and team-oriented institution that cultivates a warm and engaging community of students, faculty and staff. Everyone is very welcoming and compassionate, which allowed me to build meaningful relationships over a short period. Leaders are very relational, collaborative, open to innovative ideas, flexible, supportive, and identify growth opportunities. Feeling supported, valued and challenged by my supervisor and mentor has been instrumental in my personal, professional and spiritual growth. It is also humbling to know that I contribute to positively impacting students and generations of the future.”


Opportunities at St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s is an equal opportunity institution committed to an inclusive, barrier-free recruitment and selection process and work environment. We hire on the basis of merit and are passionate about building and sustaining an equitable and inclusive work environment for students, staff and faculty, where diversity in all areas is celebrated and valued. To ensure a fair and equitable assessment, questions regarding equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility can be sent to the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee ( and any requests for accommodations at any stage of the recruitment process can be sent to Human Resources ( Any information received relating to accommodation will be addressed confidentially. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply. Priority will be given to Canadians and permanent residents of Canada. Please send your applications to:

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those applicants being interviewed will be contacted.

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