Payment Options

The Registrar’s Office DOES NOT ACCEPT the following payment methods

  1. E-transfer
  2. Debit transactions
  3. In person cash payments or cash payment of any kind
  2. Online banking payments are subject to a 1 to 4-day processing time by the bank. Students who make the payment on or before the due date will not be charged late fees. Proof of payment may be required in the form of a snapshot including the transaction date, recipient, and amount.
  3. The following banks are partnered with St. Mary’s for payment
RBC Partnered
TD Canada Trust Partnered
CIBC Partnered
Scotiabank Partnered
ATB Partnered
BMO Partnered
Tangerine Partnered
connectFirst Credit Union Partnered
Servus Credit Union Partnered
Simplii Financial Partnered
Manulife Bank Partnered

Click here to view the instructions for online banking

  1. Please be aware that all Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% Credit Card transaction fee
  2. Payments made with credit cards will AUTOMATICALLY be charged the 3% transaction fee, please do not attempt to make an additional payment for this fee. Please allow 24 business hours for the transaction fee to be applied to your account after making your payment. If you have questions about the balance of your account, contact prior to making an additional payment.
  3. Click here to view full instructions for making a credit card payment

St. Mary’s University accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards for the payment of tuition and related fees online via My.StMU system only. Beginning fall 2020 a 3% service fee will be charged on all credit card tuition payments. These service fees are non-refundable.

Payment plans are available only to students who demonstrate financial need and can provide proof that all other funding sources have been exhausted; ex. student loans, student line of credit, etc. Payment plans are term-based and are only permitted for four-month terms. Requests for a payment plan can be sent to and a financial need assessment will be completed. Following this assessment, a meeting with the Financial Aid and Awards Officer will be required to discuss plans for making tuition and fee payments in three instalments.

The deadline to apply for a payment plan is by the change of registration deadline of the term. Payments made through online banking or credit card (My.StMU) are scheduled over three months:

  1. First one-third of tuition and fees, along with a nonrefundable $50 administration fee, are due by the fee deadline
  2. Second payment is due on the 15th of the month following the fee deadline
  3. Third and final payment is due on the 15th of the second month following the fee deadline.

If permitted a payment plan, the contract will indicate penalties of non-payment. If a student breaks the contract by neglecting to make payments on time, they will not be offered the payment plan option for future semesters.

  1. Students in 9 or more credits will submit a full-time loan application. Alberta student loans are completed through a one application system using the following link. Each application will be assessed by the provincial student aid organization and the national student aid organization.
    Students who do not qualify as an Alberta student must contact and apply for loans through their province of residence for funding. Please visit their individual websites to start the application process.
  2. Students registered in 3 or 6 credits, without an approved reduced course load, will have to submit a part time loans application through Alberta Student Aid, please use this link to access the application:
  3. Once the student’s application has been received and assessed, the student will be notified via their online portal. The student will be emailed the notification of their notice of assessment and the student can access the Student Award Letter through their Alberta Student Aid Account. First time applicants will also receive important documents regarding their National Student Loan MSFAA and Alberta Student Aid Agreement, which must be completed before any funds are distributed.
  4. Agreements for the National Student Loan and Alberta Student Aid programs can be completed online through the students Alberta Student Aid or NSLSC account. New students will need to verify their accounts with each organization to complete the set-up process. Once the online account has been set up, the student can log in to complete and sign the documents.
  5. Any change in a student’s course load status will be reported to the appropriate student aid agency. Registration changes include: Dropping to part-time study, withdrawing to part-time study, full course withdrawal, withdrawal with cause, and expulsion from the university.
  6. Students may submit a single application for both the Fall and Winter semesters in a given academic year. The student is responsible for having their winter course load at the appropriate credits before the winter portion of their loan is confirmed at the beginning of December.
  7. Full time student aid applications for the Spring/Summer term will be completed and submitted online through the Alberta Student Aid website. The students funding period must have a minimum of 9-credits to be considered full-time, unless on an approved Reduced Course Load status. The registration must include at least one course being held for the duration of the funding period on the application. If a student is taking courses that do not last the full duration of the semester, the end date of the study period should be made as the end date of their latest course. If a break of 30+ days occurs in a study period, the student must submit separate applications for the courses occurring before and after the study break, respectively. Students at a part-time status OR who take a block week after a 30+ day study break must apply using the part-time loan application form, accessible through the Alberta Student Aid website. Student Aid Applications made for classes starting after August 1st must use the upcoming academic year part-time student aid package (i.e. if the course starts August 9th, 2023 a 2023/2024 part-time aid application must be used, not a 2022/2023 part-time application package). For any inquires on eligibility or the application process, please reach out to
  8. The most efficient way to receive approved funding from student aid is through direct deposit. The instruction for setting up direct deposit with either loan agency will be included with your application documents when you start the loan application process.
  9. Student funding will only be distributed once all components of the application are complete, this includes both the National Student Loan MSFAA and the Alberta Student Aid Agreement.
  10. First time applicants should apply two months before their initial start date to ensure that the application is approved, documents are completed, and the loan is distributed before tuition is due.

If you require any further information, please contact for all inquiries.
Student Loans: All approved funding will be sent directly to the student. The student is then responsible to make the payment to St. Mary’s University for their owing amount. Action will be taken if the approved funding is distributed to the student and not used to pay tuition or fees for the semester.

You are encouraged to submit payment through Option 1 or 2 above: Online Banking or Credit Card. If you would like to submit a cheque or bank draft payment, this is subject to approval by the Enrolment Services Office. Approval must be granted before payment can be accepted through this method.