A Lifelong Commitment to Catholic Education – Terry and Janet Allen

Terry and Janet Allen

Providing top-notch Catholic teachers for the Catholic School Board is at the very heart of Terry and Janet Allen’s support for St. Mary’s University.

Terry and Janet Allen were involved in what would become St. Mary’s University, well before it became established as a leader in Catholic post-secondary education. They were introduced to the vision of St. Mary’s early on by friend and dedicated Catholic education champion Monsignor Joseph LeFort, who was involved in the creation of St. Mary’s from the very beginning.

“My perspective was largely formed by Monsignor LeFort,” explained Terry. “Why did he care so much about a Catholic University? He had one single objective and that was the education of Catholic Teachers for the Catholic School Board.”

“Everything needs a focus and that focus was how are we going to produce homegrown Catholic school teachers for our Catholic school system, because in the future and beyond that’s what we need,” said Terry. “St. Mary’s is doing an amazing job.”

The Allen family recognizes the annual need for Catholic Teachers in the Catholic School System here in Calgary and throughout Western Canada, and take pride in what St. Mary’s has become from its once humble roots.

For over thirty years, the Allen family have been committed to helping St. Mary’s provide the best Catholic education and award winning Catholic teachers.

“The number one purpose for donating to St. Mary’s is the incredibly important need for Catholic school teachers in the Calgary system, the Alberta system and Western Canada,” said Terry. “There really is something valuable here, something lasting and permanent. By continuing to supply outstanding Catholic teachers that give our youth strong Catholic leadership, St Mary’s is fulfilling its goal. Well done St. Mary’s, I can say with certainty Monsignor LeFort would be proud of you!”