Creating and Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders – St. Mary’s University’s Launches Educational Leadership Certification

In a world where the role of educators is ever-evolving, St. Mary’s University takes a bold step forward in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. With a profound commitment to excellence in education, St. Mary’s proudly announces the launch of its Educational Leadership Certification program, designed specifically for aspiring school administrators.

The two courses that comprise the certification program include theory and practice in the development of the nine competencies as outlined in the Leadership Quality Standard (LQS). Alberta Education has approved these two courses for principal accreditation.

At the heart of this innovative program lies a dedication to fostering transformative leadership within the realm of education. Recognizing the pivotal role that school administrators play in shaping the future of learning environments, St. Mary’s University has curated a comprehensive curriculum that equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to thrive in leadership positions.

Drawing upon the expertise of seasoned educators and industry professionals, the Educational Leadership Certification program offers a dynamic blend of theoretical frameworks and practical applications.

The courses also address the contextual aspects of educational leadership, ranging from school to district culture; the current context of on-going dialogue and reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples; social movements and legislation; and on-going professional growth.

“An important focus of this course is the focus on leading in a time of indigenization, decolonization and truth and reconciliation. You can’t be a leader in today’s schools without thinking about these issues,” explained Dr. Laurie Carlson Berg, Dean of Education at St. Mary’s University.

The two, 3-credit courses were designed specifically for people working in the school systems and will be delivered in an online format to allow teachers to continue to work.

“If a teacher is interested in contributing to the development of the future of the province in a leadership capacity, then this certification is for them,” said Dr. Carlson Berg.

Upon completion of the program, graduates emerge as empowered leaders ready to effect positive change within their respective school communities. Whether they aspire to lead as principals, assistant principals, or educational administrators, St. Mary’s University equips them with the tools and confidence to make a lasting impact.

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