Faculty Bio

Dr. Linda Henderson

Associate Professor,

Dr. Henderson holds a BA (Hons), an MA and a PhD from the University of Calgary. Since coming to St Mary’s University in 2003, Dr. Henderson has been keenly interested in effective teaching and learning both in the classroom and in her research. She has shared her work in this area locally, nationally and internationally.

She is also a public sociologist, utilizing her sociological insights to serve as a collaborative consultant, strategist, facilitator and mentor for organizations outside of the university. Her current partners in this endeavour are involved in high performance and professional sport.

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  • Because of her keen interest in effective teaching and learning, Dr. Henderson’s major research area is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She has been able to share her work in this area locally, nationally and internationally. She is also actively pursuing research that looks at the intersection of Sport and a concept she has developed called “SGS” (i.e., the complex interplay of “Sex” assigned at birth, “Gender” and “Sexuality,” that can be used to illustrate the diversity of peoples’ realities as embodied, gendered, sexual beings.) One of her current projects in this area is an investigation of mixed-sex sport (i.e., where men and women compete together and/or against other men and women.)