Krista Larsen

Krista Larsen

Biology Lab Coordinator & Instructor

Phone: (403) 254-3134
Office: A006

BSc Biological Sciences, University of Calgary
MSc Ecology, University of Calgary

Specialization: aquatic ecology, molecular ecology


My love of biology was sparked by elementary school field trips to Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforest and Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. I now enjoy sharing my knowledge of livings things and their interactions with students at St. Mary’s through hands on learning in the lab and in the field.

After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, I worked as a technician at the University of Alberta and, subsequently, as a biologist for a consulting company. Both positions involved field work on lakes and rivers, growing my interest in aquatic systems. I later returned to the University of Calgary as a graduate student to further study aquatic ecology. These experiences allowed me to visit field sites across western Canada, the Northwest Territories and Alaska.

During my graduate studies at the University of Calgary, I greatly enjoyed working as a teaching assistant. I specifically enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for biology with students and interacting with them as they learned in a hands-on laboratory environment. I accepted a position at St. Mary’s in 2014 to continue my teaching career.

At St. Mary’s I teach the laboratory components of first year biology and introductory genetics and ecology. I am fortunate enough to assist with instruction on field study trips to Vancouver Island and Belize for STMU’s marine biology and tropical ecology courses, respectively. One of my favourite teaching experiences has been travelling with the marine biology class to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre on Vancouver Island, where my love for biology began.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing hockey and many outdoor activities including camping, hiking, walking my dog and gardening.

BIOL 231
BIOL 233
BIOL 311
BIOL 313
BIOL 317
BIOL 417