Strengthening Bonds Through Giving

In the spirit of generosity and community building, St. Mary’s University proudly shares the success an initiative launched in December aimed at supporting the Kainai Nation. Thanks to collaborative efforts and partnerships, the university was able to contribute significantly to the First Nations Christmas Project, fostering connections with various communities and embodying the core values of compassion and unity.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul played a pivotal role in kickstarting this initiative by generously donating non-perishable food items. Their commitment to charitable causes aligns seamlessly with the ethos of St. Mary’s University, emphasizing the importance of giving back to those in need.

St. Mary’s University Chaplain, Father Troy Nguyen ensured the provision of 60 turkeys, a gesture funded jointly by the St. Mary’s University Campus Ministry and the Indigenous Initiatives offices. This collaboration exemplifies the university’s dedication to inclusivity and the fostering of positive relationships with Indigenous communities and Nations.

The link to the First Nations Christmas Project, facilitated by, provided a unique opportunity to extend our support to the Kainai Nation. This outreach initiative extends beyond material donations; it’s a step towards building lasting connections and understanding the diverse needs of Indigenous communities.

Teja Food Group played a crucial role by assisting in food procurement, highlighting the power of partnerships in making a meaningful impact. Michael Chaisson from Access 52 facilitated this connection, showcasing the strength of the community network.

This initiative a manifestation of St. Mary’s commitment to community engagement and collaboration. By partnering with St. Vincent De Paul, Campus Ministry, and the Indigenous Initiatives office, the university is not only contributing to immediate needs but also laying the foundation for future collaborations and support.

As we express our gratitude to all involved—St. Vincent De Paul, Campus Ministry, Indigenous Initiatives, Teja Food Group, and Michael Chaisson—we look forward to further opportunities to strengthen the bonds between St. Mary’s University, Indigenous communities, and Nations. Together, we can create a positive impact that transcends charity, fostering understanding, and community growth.