Above and Beyond – Jamie Mackie Donor Spotlight

A commitment to investing in a strong liberal arts education that is focused on developing the entire student, mind, body and spirit lies at the heart of Jamie Mackie’s gifts of support to St. Mary’s University.

For nearly two decades, Jamie’s service to St. Mary’s has extended beyond monetary donations, as demonstrated through his involvement on the St. Mary’s president’s Dinner Committee, as well as the attendance at, and sponsorship of, numerous St. Mary’s events and initiatives.

Well known in the Calgary business and finance sectors through Richardson GMP and the Mackie Wealth Group, Jamie understands that money and investment does truly make a big difference to St. Mary’s due to the lack of government funding.

“I like to donate to institutions where I believe the money can make a difference,” explained Jamie. “If people are looking broadly at where their charitable investment dollars can do the most good, then I think St. Mary’s is a great choice.”

Jamie credits the vision of St. Mary’s President Gerry Turcotte and former President Terry Downey and the relationships established with both as major factors in his continual support.

The support that Jamie has provided continues to help St. Mary’s provide the best possible opportunities for students while focusing on the core values that separate St. Mary’s from other institutions.

As St. Mary’s continues to broaden programming options and implement campus development plans, Jamie believes it is paramount that St. Mary’s keeps its identity. Critical to this is managing its very high growth rate and maintaining high quality education, while continuing the emphasis on human interaction and relationships.

“St. Mary’s is on the human scale and is not a student factory like some of the larger universities tend to become. I think it’s a very collegial environment at St. Mary’s. The small student class sizes allow the students to go through university life and make really close friends while doing so.”

St. Mary’s University is forever grateful to Jamie for his unwavering support of our mission to provide a strong liberal arts and sciences education and help our students become engaged citizens, and compassionate members of society.