Bachelor of Arts – English

3 or 4 Year Degree

Both our three-year and four-year Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English offer students a rich and broad understanding of literature: its writers and audiences, its pleasures and problems, its traditions and its transformations. In our small classes, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas in a comfortable, intimate academic atmosphere. A degree in English will help you to use your language precisely and elegantly, both orally and in writing. The written word will become clearer to you as you practice responding confidently and analytically to the writers who have shaped the English language and Western culture.

Graduates from our program will develop strong skills in the following aspects:

  • Communication: formulate and defend positions; effectively explain concepts and strategies in research papers to influence the reader; use vocabulary to suit a wide audience; engage different opinions and viewpoints
  • Research & editing: understand primary and secondary sources; sort information and generate new ideas; use secondary sources and incorporating an author/critic’s idea in one’s research paper
  • Analytical: read closely and analyze complex texts; and evaluate ideas and research; conduct literature reviews; identify and practice the conventions and research methods of literary studies
  • Problem solving: reason logically; synthesize ideas; formulate questions relevant to clarifying a particular problem, topic, or issue
A Bachelor of Arts in English can lead to careers in a variety of industries from marketing and business to journalism, research, and publishing. StMU English graduates are able to understand, interpret, and respond effectively to a rapidly changing world. They have developed strong communication, interpretive, and critical thinking skills, as well as cultural awareness. The study of critical writing teaches you how to organize your knowledge to express your thoughts and beliefs, and ask meaningful questions, equipping you for success both in work and life.Below is a sample of jobs that may be relevant to this degree. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and some occupations require further education and experience.
  • Media Librarian
  • Policy Analyst
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Library Assistant
  • Biology Proof-reader
  • Publishing Assistant
  • English Tutor
  • Freelance Creative Writer
  • Historical Interpreter
  • Content Editor
  • Graduate Recruitment Consultant
  • Account Executive
  • Communications Intern
  • Corporate Marketing Blogger

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