Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program

The Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) program supports adults with developmental disabilities  attending St. Mary’s University. As non-credit students, IPSE students’ class participation varies with their comfort level with the goal of learning and exploring their interests. Students also become involved in on-campus activities like joining clubs and attending campus events, while also developing professional and social skills to build their independence.

IPSE students are diverse: they have a range of developmental disabilities, come from a variety of backgrounds, and possess different skill levels. Each IPSE student receives individualized supports to facilitate their success, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Integrated Post Secondary Education Society of Alberta (IPSESA) has facilitated St. Mary’s IPSE program since 2004. IPSESA also facilitates IPSE programs at the University of Calgary and SAIT. Our Facilitator at St. Mary’s works closely with the campus community to support successful post-secondary experiences for IPSE students. We are grateful to be part of the St. Mary’s community.

We celebrate our students personal gifts and passions, while addressing accessibility barriers from both a societal and individual perspective. Part of our role is also to develop community, while raising awareness of the day-to-day challenges and barriers that students with disabilities experience. 

We welcome everyone in the campus community to contact us to learn more about disability inclusion. In addition, we are always looking for opportunities for our students to experience belonging and to participate actively in their learning environment. 

Student volunteer opportunities:

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