11 08, 2022

Native Plants on the StMU Campus: Prairie Restoration Blog

August 11th, 2022|News, StMU Stories|

In these posts, we have talked about how growing native plants is an important part of the prairie restoration occurring on campus, but we have never gone into detail of which native plants we have introduced to the area. To choose the plants that would be incorporated into our restoration, we considered what species grew [...]

9 08, 2022

Herbivory (or Animals) Like Plants Too! – StMU Medicine Garden Blog

August 9th, 2022|News, News and Events, STMU Stories, Uncategorized|

    Here at St Mary’s University we have our own collection of wild animals that eat plants, i.e. they are herbivores. These include Richardson’s Ground Squirrels (RGS), snowshoe hares and many small rodents like mice, voles, etc. Being adjacent to Fish Creek Provincial Park also means that animals from the park come onto campus, [...]

8 08, 2022

Alumni Spotlight: Justin Quinton

August 8th, 2022|Academics, Alumni, News, News and Events, Student Testimonials|

Have you ever felt nervous or anxious in a social setting? Are you someone who overthinks to the point that it can impact your daily life? Not only can St. Mary’s University alumni Justin Quinton relate, but he wants to help! After discovering a passion for teaching during his time as a student at StMU, [...]

3 08, 2022

Welcoming our new Choir Director, Sarah McLean

August 3rd, 2022|News, News and Events|

St. Mary's University is pleased to welcome Sarah McLean as our new Choir Director. Currently, McLean sings with the Spiritus Chamber Choir in Calgary, and previously has sung with astounding choirs all over the world! She has also taught music to all grades in the Foothills School Division, CBE, and Rundle College. These days, McLean [...]

1 08, 2022

Sagebrush, Sweetgrass & Tobacco – St. Mary’s University Medicine Garden Blog

August 1st, 2022|Community, News, News and Events|

One of the purposes of this garden was to supply sagebrush, sweet grass & tobacco for ceremonial use at St. Mary’s University, for example smudging. Above, you can see the healthy growth of sagebrush – prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) & silver sage (Artemisia cana). Some stems of these might be tall enough to harvest this [...]

30 07, 2022

St. Mary’s University Welcomes its New President

July 30th, 2022|Community, Featured Articles, Leadership, News, STMU Stories|

29 07, 2022

Thank you to everyone who supported our 2022 President’s Farewell Fundraiser!

July 29th, 2022|News, News and Events|

Last month, St. Mary’s University celebrated a significant milestone with our 2022 President's Farewell Gala. With this being our last official event with Dr. Gerry Turcotte as our president and vice-chancellor, it was a night to remember filled with live entertainment, fun prizes and great conversation. On behalf of the staff, faculty and students at [...]

28 07, 2022

Statement on Pope Francis’s Apology to the Indigenous Peoples of this Land

July 28th, 2022|Indigenous Initiatives, News, News and Events|

The institutional members of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities in Canada are pleased that Pope Francis has apologized to the Indigenous Peoples on this Land for the Catholic Church’s role in the operation of residential schools. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #58 requested that the pope apologize to the “Survivors, [...]

27 07, 2022

Welcoming our International Partners from Da Yeh University

July 27th, 2022|Academics, Community, Experiential Learning, Featured Articles, News, News and Events|

On Wednesday, July 20, St. Mary’s University was pleased to welcome Professor Chih-Hui Chang, Dean of International Affairs from Da Yeh University in Taiwan to campus to meet with St. Mary’s President Dr. Sinda Vanderpool, Dr. Paolina Seitz, interim Dean of Education, and Dr. Pablo Ortiz, Director of Student Affairs to reactive a collaboration agreement that [...]

25 07, 2022

Tobacco – St. Mary’s University Medicine Blog Post

July 25th, 2022|Academics, Indigenous Initiatives, News, Science|

There are many species of Tobacco (Nicotiana species) all of which are native to the Americas. Tobacco has been cultivated in the Americas for several thousand years for its medicinal, ceremonial & social benefits. Unlike other plants in the garden, Tobacco is an annual & needs to be seeded every year. The species we grew [...]

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