Faculty Bio

Dr. Cory Wright-Maley

Associate Professor and Chair ,

Dr. Wright-Maley is grateful to be teaching in Treaty 7 Territory and is committed to education for reconciliation and continued learning from Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. His research interests include social and economic equity, temporalities, and simulations. He studied at the University of Calgary, Stanford University, and UConn. He has travelled to more than 50 countries and lived in the United States for eleven years, where he taught high school social studies for six years.

  • Dr. Wright-Maley’s passion for simulations research continues to be stoked by new questions that continue to emerge. He is particularly interested in several dimensions of simulation-based teaching that I am starting to explore: The first question he is asking is how do teachers learn to be effective facilitators of simulations in K-12 classrooms? This has implications for how we train teachers, how we come to understand their perspectives on using them, and what challenges emerge in the process of learning how to teach this way. The second set of questions have to do with chaos theory: How, if at all, does chaos theory apply to human simulations? Do we act in predictable, non-linear ways that aren’t readily obvious? If so, how might chaos theory help us to better understand human interactions across social domains? Finally, he is asking how simulations might contribute to the process of learning how to create a more just society. In particular, how might simulations help us to think about and develop an economic landscape that is more equitable?