Introducing the Vetsch Family Courtyard

Vetsch Family

On October 25, 2017, St. Mary’s University community gathered to celebrate the outstanding contributions, leadership and continued support the Vetsch Family has shown to the University. The support from the Vetsch Family has provided a direct impact on the lives of all students and inspires programs that continue to make St. Mary’s a remarkable educational environment. Students are able to focus on their studies in the most inspiring spaces like the new Heritage Centre, one of many projects the Vetsch Family has generously provided funding for.

Along with the staff and faculty, St. Mary’s University President Dr. Gerry Turcotte unveiled the newly named Vetsch Family Courtyard. Students were present to show their appreciation and share this profound moment with Mr. and Mrs. Vetsch and their family. In a heartfelt thank you speech Jaden Baragar — a second year student in the Bachelor of Education program and StMU Bachelor of Arts Graduate — expressed her sincere gratitude to the Vetsch family for their generous and continued support of St. Mary’s.

“Mr. and Mrs. Vetsch – my experiences here have been impacted by your support and they are another example of how you are shaping our futures! You have made an invaluable impact that has allowed St. Mary’s to maintain its high standard of excellence, to establish important community collaborations and to further strengthen the foundation of our academic experiences. Your investment is especially significant because it reflects your belief in me, in other students and in our university. Thank you for believing in us, for supporting us, and for shaping our future.” Jaden Baragar

On behalf of all St. Mary’s University students and community – we are deeply grateful for the vision and the goodwill that the Vetsch Family continues to extend on behalf of our students. The impact of their generosity has been transformational on this campus and it will continue to do so for many years to come.