The Valentine Family


St. Mary’s University has no better friend than the Valentine family. They’ve been a constant source of guidance, advocacy and support; it is not an overstatement to say that we wouldn’t be here without them.

Ted Valentine was at the very first meeting of the Steering Committee “to establish a Catholic College” in 1986 and became a member of our first Board of Governors in 1987, a position he held until 1996. Since this initial involvement the Valentines’ support has only continued to grow. They have been involved in supporting the growth of St. Mary’s campus—developing the scholarship and bursaries program, participating on various committees, and acting as key sponsors for fundraising events, including our annual President’s Dinner and golf tournament.

Ted and his wife, Shirley, have passed on their passion for St. Mary’s to their children, who have become loyal friends to St. Mary’s, with their son Paul joining the Board in 2013. The entire Valentine Family, through Valentine Volvo, has also been a longtime supporter of fundraising events through event sponsorship and support.

For decades, the Valentine Family has remained committed to the concept of a university that not only challenges its students intellectually, but also supports their spiritual, ethical and moral development. Through the establishment of the St. Isidore Bursary, intended for a student who is from a rural area and demonstrates financial need, Shirley Valentine has contributed directly to reducing the financial barriers facing students pursuing post-secondary education. In this way she, and her family, have also supported St. Mary’s commitment to being open to all.

As a relatively small University in the Campus Alberta community, St. Mary’s relies heavily on the accolades of our supporters to promote our innovative programming, highly valued degrees, and campus life to the broader community. The Valentine family’s significant and ongoing support for the Scholarship and Bursary program at St. Mary’s has inspired many others to create a variety of awards, which are granted based on academic merit, community involvement, financial need, and participation in campus activities such as clubs or athletics.

Speaking of which, the Valentine family also donated our Athletic Courts. These campus courts allow our community of staff, faculty, and students to participate in recreational activities—including the annual Valentine Cup, a ball hockey tournament.

The entire St. May’s University community is deeply grateful to the Valentines for their steadfast support of our mission: to help our students attain a post-secondary education and become lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and compassionate members of society. They set an example of generosity, hard work and community building that inspires us all.

Thank you from all of us.