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Step onto St. Mary’s University campus and discover a faculty dedicated to developing the whole person — mind, body and spirit. As a vibrant academic community, we offer a transformative educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning.

With our strong emphasis on liberal arts and sciences, we provide a well-rounded education that nurtures intellectual growth. But we don’t stop there. At StMU, we believe in fostering holistic development. Engage in our athletic programs, clubs and community service initiatives to strengthen your body and build lifelong connections. Embrace our Catholic Intellectual Tradition, which instills values of compassion, ethics and social responsibility to nurture your spirit. Join our welcoming community and embark on a journey of personal and academic growth. At St. Mary’s University, we are committed to developing your whole self. In fact — 50% of our students are active volunteers on campus and in their community.

With an average class size of 25 students, you can expect a more intimate and engaging learning environment with personalized instruction, active participation and meaningful interactions.

While 82% of our 2019/2020 graduates in the workforce  found full-time employment within 20 months of graduating, all of our graduates leave with a better understanding of the world.

on campus and in community


full-time within 20 months

Our Programs

Explore our diverse range of programs, all designed to prepare you for success in your chosen field. These programs include Arts, Sciences and Education as well as transferrable university courses in 35 academic disciplines.

“I can honestly say that in my time working in schools, I saw repeatedly how members of a hiring committee’s eyes would light up when they saw that a candidate was a St. Mary’s graduate. The reputation of the university, and the quality of its graduates, is well known.”

Randi PalygaBachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education Alumni

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St. Mary’s University Faculty Research Feature – Dr. Alana Ireland

A critical Approach to Understanding Weight Related Issues As an advocate for health promotion, Dr. Alana Ireland, Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Mary’s University, is an expert in weight-related

2023 Capstone Conferences: English

Designed by Laura Fraser, the image for the 2023 English 401 conference was inspired in its stance and form by the Greek statue, Nike of Samothrace (also known as “Winged Victory”). Nike,

2023 Capstone Conferences: Honours Psychology

From April 17 -18, we celebrated academic excellence at StMU by showcasing the final projects and presentations prepared by our fourth-year students during our 2023 Capstone Conferences. We’re excited to share the results

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Open House – February 10

St. Mary’s University is hosting an Open House on Saturday, February 10, 2024 where students can speak with professors and learn more about the dynamic programs that will help prepare

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