Parking at St. Mary’s University FAQ’s

As part of the 24/25 budget, the Board of Governors has approved the introduction of paid parking on our campus for all staff, faculty, students and guests to campus. This decision was not taken lightly as we understand that nobody likes increasing costs. However, the university had reached a point that we needed to implement paid parking in order to:

What is now the cost of parking?

Parking rates at St. Mary’s University will be as follows:

  • Daily Rate: $7
  • Monthly Rate: $70
  • Yearly Rate: $700
    *An hourly option for parking is currently being explored with parking providers.

When will paid parking take effect on campus?

Paid parking will take effect on September 1st, 2024

Will there be reserved spots?

Only the spots currently reserved on campus (visitor, accessible parking spots) will be reserved. We will still be reserving the location for the Access Bus to pick-up and drop-off students who utilize that service.

Will there be a grace period for pick-ups and drop-offs??

Yes. There will be a grace period of 20 minutes for pick-ups and drop-offs on campus.

Will the parking lot remain in its current state?

There is a significant paving project taking place during the summer of 2024. With the implementation of paid parking on the St. Mary’s campus, we will no longer have to utilize tuition revenue to cover parking lot maintenance and upkeep.

Are St. Mary’s parking rates comparable with other Calgary post-secondary institutions??

St. Mary’s University’s parking rates are lower than the other post-secondary institutions located in Calgary. Daily parking at the U of C on campus is $9 to $24 per day depending on the lot, $494 to $600 per semester and $1,482 to $1,925 per year. Daily parking at the MRU on campus is $7 to $19.00 per day depending on the lot, $394 to $600 per semester and $1,380 to $1,800 per year.Daily parking at Ambrose is $14 day and $125/month.

What process was followed for the implementation of paid parking?

Parking fees were part of the 2024/25 budget process which was approved by the St. Mary’s University Board of Governors in mid-April 2024.

Who does the parking fee apply to?

The parking fee applies to all faculty, staff, and students of St. Mary’s University as well as all visitors to campus.

Where can I direct my questions or concerns regarding this matter?

Please submit all questions or concerns regarding the new paid parking policy or other parking related issues to

Can you register multiple plates?

Yes. A monthly or annual parker may register multiple plates.

How can people purchase parking permits?

Parking permits can be purchased online or through on-site pay machines (for daily parking). Details are currently being finalized with the parking service provider and will be shared at a date closer to the launch of this initiative

Can parking be done by payroll deduction for staff and faculty?

Only annual parking passes can be done through payroll deduction, resulting in $35 per pay-cheque for 10 months.

Where can I park with my new parking permit?

With your St. Mary’s University parking pass you are able to park in any spot not labelled as visitor or accessible parking.

What kind of enforcement or penalties will be levied against those who park without permits?

At launch, St. Mary’s will take more of an educational approach for the community as we all get used to this new policy. As we progress, tickets will be issued to cars that have not paid for parking.