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StMU seeks to create and sustain a strong culture of academic inquiry and innovation by celebrating the vital relationship between teaching and research, supporting the creation of high quality research by its faculty, adhering to the highest ethical standards, upholding academic freedom, facilitating collaborative and interdisciplinary research initiatives, and serving the welfare of humanity.


  • Canada Student Jobs applications are typically accepted, ranked and submitted to the federal government by StMU


  • Dr. David Lawless Award for Scholarly Achievement


  • St. Mary’s University Faculty Research and Scholarship Grant


  • Canada Student Jobs: Reminder to those interested that applications an internal call will likely be put out by Advancement in the New Year

Director of Research

In this role Dr Corinne Syrnyk provides strategic direction and leadership for research initiatives at StMU. As the senior advisor to the Vice-President Academic regarding research and grant issues, she provides coordinated leadership in these areas.

An active researcher and teacher in psychology, Dr Syrnyk has published and presented internationally in peer-reviewed articles and books. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards totalling over $100,000. While chair of the Research Ethics Board she led and participated in comprehensive revisions of policies and practices. In her role as Director of Research she aims to increase research productivity and empower faculty self-efficacy for research by improving access to resources and the visibility of faculty research and scholarship.

Dr Syrnyk recognizes the sheer determination, time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into even the most minute research project. She advises the importance of managing your expectations, resources, limitations, and goals.

Dr Syrnyk’s academic profile can be viewed here. She can be reached at corinne.syrnyk@stmu.ca

Dr. Corinne Syrnyk
Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Research


  • If you are planning on preparing a submission to SSHRC you must:
    • Immediately inform the Director of Research to let them know which competition you will be entering.
    • Note that any application to a SSHRC competition must be submitted to Director of Research via the SSHRC portal no later then 14 days before the SSHRC deadline. This is because all applications submitted to SSHRC must be approved by StMU before they are formally accepted by the SSHRC.
  • Upcoming SSHRC Deadlines (https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/deadlines-limites-eng.aspx)

Canada Summer Jobs Grants

Faculty Mobility Programs

Government of Canada: Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program
Short-term opportunities for full-time faculty to build or expand partnerships with Latin American and Caribbean institutions through teaching and/or research. Interested applicants are directed to contact Dr Pablo Ortiz for more information. https://www.educanada.ca/scholarships-bourses/can/institutions/elap_faculty-pfla_professeurs.aspx?lang=eng

We have numerous faculty who have been awarded SSHRC funding for their research. Their success here is recognized by means of the Tri-Councils Research Support Fund (RSF). The RSF helps universities pay for indirect (or overhead) costs related to research including the cost of maintaining research offices, labs, and equipment, and the salaries of administration staff who support research. In compliance with RSF policy institutions are required to report on the allocation of this funding which can be found here.

St. Mary’s University Faculty Research and Scholarship Grant

David Lawless Award

  • Dr. David Lawless Award for Scholarly Achievement
  • Deadline: Second Monday of February
  • In recognition of the scholarly and research achievements of full-time faculty, this award is typically presented annually in the amount of $1000. You can find the details in the policy.

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